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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

some art toughts:

1. genre is forgiving. i need to accept the confines, the outline of the court. I tend to buck genre and any proven path, b/c after all if i'm in a class by myself, then there is nothing to compare myslef to right? no yardstick for failure.
genre gives some strength. here's a few bars from texas troubadour, chris knight. he gets away with the metaphor of a town called "sorryville" because he's coming straight from the Lone Star. from convention, from tradition.

There ought to be a town somewhere
Named for how I feel
Yea I could be the Mayor down there
And say welcome to Sorryville
It wouldn't be on a map nowhere
You might say it that it don't exist
But if you make enough wrong turns
It'd be hard to miss

2. i was reading the original treatment for jay's video 99 problems on the director, mark romaneck's site and i was struck by the way he presented his concept. obviously, the video and the song are crazy, but the way romaneck conveyed an abstract concept in 11 clear sentences is impressive. here are some of my favorite lines:

"per jay-z, it will be a more artistic cinematic exploration, filmed in and around brooklyn’s marcy projects."
"the piece will have a tough, natural, documentary look –  human, raw, visually poetic."
"it will avoid the clichés of “life in the projects." instead it will zero-in on rarely emphasized details of neighborhood life, showing both positive and negative aspects -- always with an artistic eye, never judgmentally."
"the final effect should have an unforgettable emotional impact. think of it as “reality-tv” with soul."

i wish i had the chance to use the phrase "per Jay-z"


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