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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

you walk down the stairs in the morning and you step in hot carpet soup. congratulations, your hot water heater busted.

I spent the day ripping up wet carpet, shop vac'ing up goopy water, and waiting for the new water heater to get hooked up.

I thought about an interview I saw with retired tennis champion Jim Courier, where pat summerall or bud collins asked him if he had any regrets. He said he wished that he got more injuries. In hindsight, i'd do anything for a ankle sprain every six months or so, just to take a forced leave for a second, just to step back for a bit.

while, i don't wish water heater explosion on anyone (b/c it sucks), i really feel better about where my head's at after today. the growl of the shop vac, and the hank williams records i played for the plumbers proved to be a good soundtrack for some honest introspection.

While I was at home depot getting some post-flood supplies, i bought a few peace lillies because i remembered that Meta Efficient said they were they best plant for removing benzene, trychloroethelyene, and formaldehyde from indoor areas.


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