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Sunday, June 06, 2004

one of the first video things i remember doing was a project i did in 7th grade. i think it was for english class, but i definitely remember that it was a james bond movie and i was james bond. i remember that i killed a bad guy with a toliet paper dispenser and there was a confusing climactic fight scene in the woods that involved shots with fishing line suspending martial arts weapons in mid air.

We filmed that fight scene in the woods behind my friend matt's house (the same location used in the 9th grade classic "no mare tatters" about the irish potato famine). today i shot part of a short in those same woods.In a lot of ways i think 7th grade erik would have kicked present day erik's ass for a whole variety of disappointment isssues, but i think 7th grade erik would have been proud that Today i made myself vomit gatorade and candy by ingesting syrup of ipecac.

Today, i also attended a korean-southern american wedding. the service was done in both english and korean. It was the pastors's first wedding ever, and the flower girl wore light up shoes, she was adorable. the bride and groom laughed during the service and looked a bit gazed and worn out at the reception. we ate allen & sons barbeque.


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