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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Scar tissue. Arthrofibrosis. a natural compensation of the immune system. the body trying to protect itself, fight off infection, heal a wound and going a bit, a lot, in some cases way overboard. The phyical therapist is worried about the scar tissue in my knee coming back after this last surgery, and since the last two scopes i had were to remove scar tissue, i suppose there is a reason to be concerned. I checked the online knee message boards for info and tales of scar tissue causing problems, and i kinda wished i hadn't. tons of people, mostly women it seemed, have had terrible trials with scar tissue. several posters were on their 7th scar tissue related scope. fuck that. i thought 3 knee surgeries in four years was bad, but these people often had surgeries within 6 months. they had some good advice regarding range of motion exercises and how to discuss this sometimes overlooked problem with your doctor, but it seems that most of them end up seeing a knee surgeon specialist, a scar tissue specialist, and a pain specialist, they often take huge leave of abscences from work and devote 100% of their energy to fucking knee rehab.
no for me. i'll do whatever i can to avoid that. at first i started writting down advice and thinking about how to incorporate some things into my rehab protocol, but then i started thinking...how fucking stupid do i have to be to take knee rehab advice from someone whose had 7 surgeries in 4 years. i need to find the message board for the one and done sons of bitches, find out what they were doing, what was in their Cd player.

Still, the whole concept of scar tissue is messing w me right now. could i be prone to scar tissue in other non-physical areas of my life? no. no way. that doesn't sound like me at all.

perhaps i should look for an emotion scar tissue range of motion rehab protocol? definitely have to keep jumping out of that comfort zone trench. Only real advice on knee scar tissue that everyone seems to agree upon and that has research to back it up is getting active ASAP and ICE lots and lots of ICE. time for a beer.


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