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Friday, April 16, 2004

snakes alive! Carson is dead carson is dead carson is dead! at 9:13am thursday april 15th 2004, carson was destroyed by an arthroscopic shaver (the arthroscopic equivalednt of a woodchipper). The docs are fairly optimistic that they got everything fixed and that "there is no reason that after rehab, i shouldn't be able to do whatever i want in terms of sports or physical activity". When the doctor said this i reflexively tried to get out of my bed and hug him, but i still had the hospital seatbelt on, so i just kinda lunged at him real slow and it was really awkward. but i think he sensed my joy.
I got to watch the whole thing. Since i have some nerve damage thanks to extreme swelling and such, they didn't want to do a nerve block on my leg, and i sure as hell didn't want to go under w general anesthesia and have some machine breath for me. So, they just gave me some good times juice and injected a metric ass load of lydocaine in my knee. They even set up a video monitor for me in the OR. There was an intern or something w the good doctor, so he explained everything he was doing to his sidekick and i got to hear all the juicy details. It was so much fun and i really feel more in tune with the whole procedure and in tune with how absolutely amazing the human body is and what black magicians these doctors are. In all honesty the sounds during surgery were pretty gross, and without the happy juice i probably would have freaked out. All in all it was like being the star in my own private Michel Gondry video.
Now, I'm back at my apartment with my PolarCare 300 on, listening to the new Wilco stream and re-reading
. Life is good.


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