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Thursday, August 18, 2005

If we build it they will eat it/tote it

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Between us, my sister and I have at least 8 of their products. All still rugged and unripped, but thanks to bloomingdale's and mass market hype, not quite as cool and exclusive as when we had to go to the tiny Erflog store on a sidestreet in Basel to get them. Nonetheless, good to see the Freitag crew get so much love and $ for their dream-in-a-garage bags. Even got a piece in Business 2.0. Hope it's not the kiss of death.

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Ever since 10th grade chemistry I've had a desire to eat liquid nitrogen ice cream. Fortunately, Blue Sky Creamery is brings this product to me and thus prevents a trip to the emergency room. Doesn't seem to be one in the area, maybe I should start up a local franchise and run those obnoxious cold stone singing yip creamery bastards out of town. Or maybe I should take this as a sign from above to open a food stand that serves pickles cooked with house current

It's just a bit unnatural to be playing god with ice cream. Maybe something will go horribly wrong ala Lima Bean Monster.


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