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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Intersting documentary on the biz lessons of Don Quixote making the rounds on PBS. no sign of it on the UNC station though.
Part of the equation here is that quixote is a much better subject matter than some ceo, but it does ring true that connection to reality is not exactly neccessary to succed. these days, it might even be a hinderence.

Stanford's Jim March sees Don Quixote as a model for business leaders:
Most new ideas are crazy, Dr. March notes. "Most of the time you will fall on your face. Society needs that.
"What was important to Don Quixote was his sense of himself," Dr. March emphasizes. "Consequences were secondary to him. What was important was being a proper knight errant."
"'A life of leadership requires passion and discipline -- being able to say 'I know who I am.''"


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