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Friday, May 20, 2005

a magnetic pancreas

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I'm tatoo and piercing free, but I have to say that the idea of Magnetic Body Mod does have a certain Posthuman appeal. I worry that it would be a slipperly slope though, and the next thing you know I'd have a titanium gall bladder and 57 subcutaneous LED lights.

Reading the Body Mod article made me remember the phrase "magnetic pancreas" that I wrote in an old writing blog I had forgotten, so i googled it and got this digitally dusty artifact:

He charms and heals with a magnetic pancreas. A black-eyed Ty Cobb of a man, his rugged face says beloved coach and purple-vaned child molester all at once. His name is Oolof, Dr. Ambrose Oolof. He is my Allergist. You haven't really made it as a Rock Star until you have your own Allergist on tour; I tell that to all of the interviewers, but they never include it. Today, Dr. Oolof told me "Esn zoh dikh verem!" In Yiddish it literally means "The worms will eat you!

I think Probot or someone has already done this before, but I'm not mad at This LouisXIV video for revisiting the tattooed, pierced, and topless Suicide Girl well. It'd be hard for even Rob Bowman to botch this video, but it's well executed nonetheless. (NSFW) and much better than the standard layered-graphic-heavy indierock video (I like Her Space Holiday - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend though)
from 320 by 240

and on a somewhat related note...I now know someone who has received a "hero" tag on FARK:
Police chief of Topsail Beach, NC will not arrest topless sunbathers(SFW)


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