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Friday, April 29, 2005

imperialism is good sometimes?

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From RealBeer.com: "Flying Dog Brewery in Denver is brewing a beer to honor the late Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo Imperial Porter is a 9% alcohol by volume and will carry a label designed by Ralph Steadman, who illustrated much of Thomspon's work and who has created Flying Dog labels for years. " Flying Dog has announced that the beer will be ready in June 2005. Sad? Fitting? Who knows. No Sympathy for the Devil.

This article made me feel worse about, well, everything. While these foreign sites made me feel a bit better:
Beer and Loathing: Strange and disquieting dispatches from Dublin's Pub Scene
eXile: A Moscow Based Alternative Newspaper

On a somewhat related note, recent science findings suggest that alcohol gets the brain hooked by causing the production of MORE nerve cells. When I went to swim laps today, I noticed that they were playing One toke over the line during the senior aquatic aerobics class at the gym


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