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Friday, April 29, 2005

If you had a time machine would you erase the Nelson Brothers?

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Someone just signed me up for the Matthew & Gunnar Nelson official fan newsletter. Since I just watched Primer, I wondered if perhaps my doppleganger from the future sent it to me as a joke. Pretty funny, future self, pretty funny.

I'm still on the fence about the movie though. I fell asleep during parts, but it's really stayed with me, and it had one of my favorite lines in recent memory, "I can think of no way in which this thing would be considered even remotely close to safe".

I was searching for reviews to help me make sense of it and I saw that Christian Answers had reviewed it. I was curious to see how religion dealt with the ethics of time travel. The review was far more than I expected, with no easy answers about the movie or time travel. It touched on everything from Duchamp, Col. Kurtz, and Milton's Lucifer:
"Does the title implicate time as a "primer" upon which we inscribe self and history? The movie suggests that reality is a dynamic palimpsest with a primer covering a previous version even as it prepares to receive the succeeding one, mediating between past and present in a modality that is very much like time travel. "


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