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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

just to see what its like

Rope (1948) has always been my favorite Hitchcock film since my aunt showed it to me way back in the day. I couldn't decide if I wanted to be the two Ivan Lendl ice-cold murders trying to get away with their "experiment" or if I wanted to be Prof. James Stewart who had to unravel their perfect crime.

In this article fromAnvil, Joel Gunz analyzes some of Hitch's classic endings:

"Hence, I believe that these quick exits are Hitch's way of telling the audience: "Okay, you came, you saw, you got your thrill, now run along home." They also help to implant the tangy aftertaste of unresolved disquiet that is characteristic of his films."

When I went back and watched Rope recently I was surprised by a few things: the acting was amazing, the main characters were obviously gay, and the ending didn't feel right. Something just didn't fit for me. Gunz's explination of this ending helps me understand and appreciate the ending for what Hitch was trying to do, esp. with the long unscored soundscape.
""Rope" is like one long exhalation. Then it comes to a still, motionless end." Hitchcock, in first color film made an "experimental one-shot" adaptation of a stage play with Nietzsche-Superman driven homosexual murderer protagonists and a fiitingly bold ending. genius.


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