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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

5-timers club

I never really liked Penny Hardaway. I guess I was a UTEP two-step Tim Hardaway fan and figured it would be unreasonable to like both players of the same name. Plus, his score from anywhere athletic game was not really something I could even think about imitating on the court. 5 knee surgeries later Penny, now comes off the Knick's bench with limited but consistent impact.

As of 11am today, I have knee surgery scheduled for Nov. 30th. The DOC looked at the MRI and thinks that he can remove the scar tissue lodged under my knee cap which is giving me so much pain. As i was walking out of the orthopedic office this afternoon, the RN said hopefully, "Third times a charm". It'll be my 3rd surgery with this doctor, 5th overall (or 6th depending on how you count). I hope she's right. It's hard, but I hope.

KG, Baron, AI, Rasheed, much love to you guys, but Penny is now my favorite NBA player. Here's to his shot at 6th man of the year, and here's to 5th knee surgeries being the last.


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