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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

OMG...shoulder blades

In the wake of yet more fake puritanical outrageJeff Jarvis defends us yet again:
I'm going to start a site that allows all us sane, normal, red-blooded Americans send thank-you notes to the networks -- and the FCC -- every time there's a hint of sex or colorful language on broadcast...And as for your prudes who are making it your lifes' work complaining and getting stupid ass media to talk about it: Get a life.
"Get a life" is right. I used to have some asshole neighbors that would complain about everything that happened in our little apartment community, noise, agressive parking, cats, etc. I'm a nice guy and tried to be considerate for a while, addressing their complaints as I could. It took me a while to grasp it, but eventually I realized that they complained because they had boring boring lives - Low octane drama queens. I felt sad for them, and eventually tuned them out. I hope our media can do the same thing. Fuck the John Winthrop wannabees.


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