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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Carson is dead!

Here's a picture of me pre-operation. Can you tell I've already been doped up? I don't have any pictures post-operation, b/c by then i was in the exclusive (and camera-phone free) five-timers club recovery lounge...the lap of luxury.

Doc said the surgery went well, and as was the case before little bands of scar tissue were the cause of all the pain. They used local nerve blocks this time instead of general anesthesia and i was still unsedated enough to watch them do the nerve block in my leg, which was very cool. The surgery resident made out the painkiller perscription to himself and screwed up the antibiotics perscription as well. Despite this glaring disregard for details, I feel pretty good.

Now its time to start the rehab and keep that scar tissue hydra from coming back. 48 hours of ice and elevation and watching the wire to kick things off.


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