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Friday, October 22, 2004


I have yet to post on Jon Stewart's Crossfire-palooza, might as well get it over with...

The only thing that bothers me about this otherwise glorious phenomenon is that i'm not sure if i believe that politics can be covered objectively or honest debate can be had. I have no problem with Crossfire being theater. I just have a problem with it being bad theater.

The world is insane and we need more truth and less wonking off, and less partisanship and all that, but the idea that we should strive for honest debate in an old school-genteel sense is ridiculous to me. We need gonzo debate. We need the absurd truth. I don't think Jon Stewart went that far in his plea, I wish he had, because i think his plea has been misinterpreted a bit. the bottom line is we need more humor, more theater, more muppets. Reality is far too shaky and maleable to have balance or any of that crap. Emotion is good as long as you are sincere.

Anyone who thinks edward r murrow's ghost and an entire army of j school grads can help out in this situation doesn't have their eyes open. That's not to say journalism is dead or we don't need good reporters/tv newspeople/ etc. But we have to find more ways forward, more ways to escape the brackish swamp we're in. daily show and its brand has obviously touched a lot of people as one way forward. we need more.

As Jeff Jarvis says, "Politics is funny and news media doesn't admit it from its high, institutional perch. At a human level, it is hilarious. That is precisely what gives Stewart more credibility: He, like we, knows just how absurd this crap is."

UPDATE: looks like I got a taste of my wish. it may be a tried/tired way around the situation, and delivered straight to the choir, but it does take the edge off.

Hunter S. Thompson on Decision 2004


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