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Friday, October 22, 2004


The other day i did a sketch loosely based on the fish that threatened national security with ryloc. I became one with mr. bradley, a 27 cent comet goldfish for comedy not to make any political statement. In fact, i'm pretty anti-political statements in art, partially for pragmatic reasons but also aesthetics. politics is a geo tracker.

Still, when I went UnSecureFlight.com after getting a blurb about it in my email from the EFF, i felt nervous about putting my name on the list. Worried that if i sent my comments to the TSA, they'd stick me on the no-fly list with Cat Stevens. I shouldn't have to feel that way.

I sent my comments to the TSA, but i'll be worried everytime I go to the airport, and i fucking hate that. The only thing that makes me forget worrying about my own inconvience and worry about our collective safety, is that all indications are the data system is probably too screwed up to ground me even if some nitwit at the TSA wanted too. Here's an idea invest in something thats proven and a little less constitution trampling like point to point baggage matching, training, staff, better analytical equipment, etc.

to read more about secure flight go here

p.s. to prevent further cognitive dissonance from now on, I will write political rants under the name Mr. Bradley.


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