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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Errol Morris, who is easily one of my favorite filmmakers and up till now never a trend follower, has decided to throw his camera in the anti-bush tent (as triumph the insult comic dog would say: I haven't seen this many Anti-Bush people since Ricky Martin's birthday party).

Why I ask, why?
what makes it worse, and it feels blasphemous to say this, but the ads aren't really that good either. He did 20 of them, all interviews with former Bush voters, and all homages to Apple's Swithc ads. Decide for yourself: MoveOn PAC ads

I'm all for taking action for causes you believe in and i have zero love for W (i voted for Nader in the last election out of principle), but i want to keep political propaganda out of my movie theater and i believe that Capt. Morris's immense talent could be better spent doing something other than preaching to the choir. His latest documentary masterpiece, Fog of War, did what I wish all the F 9/11's and outfoxed did, it held up the mirror. No more. No less. and it looked great too.

So fine. If Capt. Morris wants to throw his talents into the Kerry tent then good for him, but why make such dry marshmellows.
I mean, the man obviously understands how to speak to the Red State demographic. Remember all those great Miller High Life Ads, "Grease, that's just extra flavor for the High Life Man,"etc. Morris directed the whole campaign. Sheer brillance.
Uggh. It just hurts me to watch these. I hope i'm wrong, but I predict that about 10 votes are swung becuase of these ads. They're on the MoveOn website for christsake. Not exactly a neutral destination.

Oh well, I still love you errol. How could i stay mad at a man who has 6 reasons why it makes sense to beat a dead horse on his website. My favorite:
"#1 Sets an example for other horses. (that might be watching)"


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