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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

podcasting, forplay, and the future of all that

the always on point, jeff jarvis has a great post about podcasting and the future of media. wowzers. he points to a new world and i think his vision is pretty compelling. loose pieces and floaters suddenly come together:

"The most important invention in media is not, I'm fond of saying, the Gutenberg press, which created media for those who could afford to own one. The most important invention in media was the remote control, for it gave the people once known as consumers control over their media. Add the VCR. Add the cable box. Add the internet. Add the web. Add personal publishing tools. Add personal multimedia tools. Add RSS. Add the iPod portable platform. Add spectrum to give you anything anywhere, anytime. Add more and more of what we used to call content. Add interaction. Add data about that interaction: who likes what and what's hot. Add new ways to make money, leading to new ways and means to create what we used to call content. Blur the lines between content and connectivity, between media and masses, between consumer and creator. Stir. Shake. Bake. And you have a new media world."

i hope these things come to pass sooner rather than later, and i'm gonna do my damndest to push that rock up the hill on the indy creator side. we've been getting and delivering the straight up missonary for the last little bit, and the future is foreplay. the extra effort will rule. it's why companies relocate to areas with arts, it's why i had to have the rules of attraction dvd w/ carrot top's commentary eventhough i think he's a boob, its why the ipod will still outsell some sony model that has a better price point. media can't just stick it in us anymore, they have to recognize our needs and above all play.


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