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Friday, September 17, 2004

Socially Illegal since 1995

Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy hereby request your prescence and unbridled participation in the 2004 IRON SCAV!

Mark your calendars, assemble your legal team, and notify your loved ones - the gathering draws near.

2004 Iron Scav Fall Classic - November 13th 4:00pm
place TBA

Last year, we had over 50 contestants in the event and the best top to bottom field ever. This year, we will of course be taking this phantasmagoric photo hunt to new heights with new categories, more audience participation, and new artistic carnage. ADC and TPM encourage you to recruit others for this event. New blood is always welcome.

As in years before, teams will consist of up to 5 people. Each team will need a digital camera. There will be a $5 entry fee per competitor. This will cover booze, poultry, trophy augmentation, and supplies.
Contestants will have approximately 6 hours to complete their photo hunt missions. Viewings, trophy presentation, and adrenal revelry will be held at a local watering hole and last well into the night.

Start assembling your team now. All-girl TeamNYC (tied for 3rd in 2003) has already booked their flights down to NC to take a shot at bringing the trophy back to Gotham. Who do you want in the trenches with you?

As always, please understand that at our current rate of contest escalation, death, injury, or capture could prove 2004 to be the last year of Iron Scav.

to sign up your team, ask questions, or suggest missions please email e at t hyphen me dot org.

See you November 13th.

Yours in Mayhem,

Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy

p.s. If you have never experienced Iron Scav, check out these fine resources on the world wide web:

Iron Scav 2003, "One Shining Moment" video recap
1998 Summer Classic


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