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Thursday, September 23, 2004

why'd have to be the hippies?

Wired news points out that the leftist filmmakers responsible for the "documentary" critiquing Rupert Murdoch's Fox News are offering up their raw footage for the public to download and remix.
remix outfoxed

Ah. I have mixed feelings about this. Make no mistake this is the future, I've been saying it for years (and i'm sure i'm not the only one). Sooner or later a Jarmusch or tractor remix of a film will carry the same weight (if not more) than a Dust Brothers or whoever remix of a hot dance song. So, yes, it's about time a major movie had the balls to open up their catalog using creative commons or something similar to the public. But why did it have to be such a asterisk'ed film. The partisan politics of Outfoxed will cloud the importance of what they have done. I guess it makes sense that a "documantery" film, who'se message is given bilblical importance would be the first to open their media up.

I'd like to download the material and do something with it, but i just don't know if i can get beyond the foul taste of political message disguised as a documentary. For me, film should never have a message, especially if it's aimed squarely at the choir.
But who knows, maybe i could do someting fun and apolitical with the material. Either way, kudos to them for doing it, i just wish it'd had been someone else.

on an unrealted note, I just ate a cat treat and it tasted horrible. But my teeth should be plaque free until my next feeding.


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