"the deadliest bullshit is odorless and transparent" - William Gibson

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Fuck the FCC, Fuck Michael Powell, Fuck Parents Television Council, Fuck Sam Brownback, Fuck Elizabeth Dole, Fuck John Edwards, Fuck John Kerry, Fuck Infinity Broadcasting, and Fuck John Winthrop and the rest of the puritans while we're at it.

I hope the enraged ghosts of Thurgood Marshall and Oliver Wendell Holmes pay all of these paternalistic, spineless, short-sighted, election year bastards a visit tonight while they are masturbating to Teen People and remind them what the fuck the First Amendment is all about.

they say they're doing this b/c "Our children are watching." I fucking hope so. I hope they are paying close attention. I hope they pick up their copy of 1984 (if they are still allowed to read it), and they beat their parents with it for trying to turn them into such protected victorian pussies, and then i hope they march up to the Capitol and beat down all of our cowardly lawmakers for pissing on the constitution from behind a defense bill rider.

Senate Passes Nebulous Indecency Fines Hike and Eased Media Ownership Rules stuck on to a defense bill 99-1:


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