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Friday, January 28, 2005

it's ok, i played beer pong after watching it

Byron Woods and theindy reviewed my dance short, Glacier Knocks this week: "I'm not certain whether to blame cinematographer Joseph Weinfield or a string of bad electrons in uncalibrated equipment for the far too murky visuals of Glacier Knocks, Erik Martin's film with Winston-Salem's alban elved dance company. In this viewing, little more could be discerned than the fact that parts--and possibly all--of the film appeared to show extremely low-lit movement footage of various company members in reverse."

...can't really get mad at the critique (other than the butchering of the cinematogrpaher's name, but perhaps that's for the better). The film was shown so dark and in the totally wrong aspect ratio, you could barely make it out, not to mention the sound problems. It hurt to see everyone confused by the barely descernible images onscreen, but nothing i can really do about it. It was pretty darn dark to begin with, perhaps it was too risky of a piece for them to show. that's the rub with film though...you can't really tailor the show to the venue, audience, mood, etc. like you can on stage.


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