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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

matching Kangol is too tight

Samuel L Jackson seemed a touch snooty when he turned down a role in amazing director Jim Sheridan's next film, because he didn't want to share billing with 50 cent. apparently he has no problem sharing the screen with Ashanti, or doing a movie for a director whose last project was a TV show called "Hack" if he gets top billing.
Thankfully, Mr. Cranky is there to take him down from his toadstool. I'd rather see the Martin Lawrence inspirational basketball coach movie anyway.

Coach Carter:
Every single scene drips with the predictable syrup of the eventual resolution that everyone knows will take place. We already know it's not about the winning and losing. It's about how you play the game and the game in this film is life. Through discipline, exercise, and good language, Coach Carter teaches these kids how to win at life.

Unfortunately, all "Coach Carter" taught me was that I can actually scratch the first four verses of Revelations into the back of a theater chair with my fingernail in a little under two hours.


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