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Thursday, March 10, 2005

more drink coasters?

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Today Alcatel CEO Serge Tchuruk makes some pretty damning statements about the DVD at some forum or another in Paris:
""The DVD will be short lived," said Tchuruk. "This kind of video was a passive exercise. Today things need to be much more interactive."
Alcatel isn't a disinterested party in these waters, but they have some strong evidence and market indicators to back it up.

On his blog The New Normal VC Roger McNamee serves up some very nice incites and future glimpses on a post-DVD world. Even the comments section warrants a thorough read.:
"Imagine how interesting the web would be as an eBay-like marketplace of creator/sellers of content.  Imagine how much damage would be done to the equity market value of content distributors who fail to understand the change and modify their strategy to benefit from it. "

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