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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Coventry Cathedrals

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I'm reading Gladwell's Blink, and so far it has met all expectations. though i doubt it will infiltrate language and minds the way Tipping Point did, Blink is an even better read. Sure some of the anecdotes don't really contribute to a neat and coherent theory the way some readers might like, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's simplified neuroscience a tad, but the man can write. Its fun to sit back and enjoy ideas and stories in the hands of a virtuoso.

I started checking out the archives on his site and randomly poking around his New Yorker archives. This article on Group Think stuck out...SNL, Tubingen philosophers, and Café Guerbois in one swoop:

"We are inclined to think that genuine innovators are loners, that they do not need the social reinforcement the rest of us crave. But that's not how it works, whether it's television comedy or, for that matter, the more exalted realms of art and politics and ideas."


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